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From the Executive

March 15th marked the final day of grooming for our Club’s trail system.  We have had a successful 14 week season with trails open on December 22nd and potentially closing on March 20th.  We’re pleased to also report that we’ve had no reported accidents or incidents on our trail system.  Club members enjoyed several rides this winter including an organized one to West Hawk Lake.

We owe this season’s success to the volunteers who offer up their time and effort to fill key Executive committee positions, install and maintain trail signs, help out at the annual Poker Derby, keep the warm-up shelter clean and stocked with firewood, maintain grooming equipment, attend monthly meetings, fundraise and keep media sources current.  Our primary Groomer Operator this season has done a fantastic job at keeping our trails in tip top shape and works relentlessly to ensure trail hazards are repaired and addresses concerns that are raised about snow on the road and resident’s driveways.

Our active membership has become a little stagnant and has seen little growth over the past year.  We encourage the sledding community to become members and help us keep the South Interlake a safe and enjoyable place to ride; even if only for a few hours a season.  We have many things that can be done right from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace.  Please reach out to one of our Club members or visit the website for membership and contact information.

Lastly, as you plan your final rides, please do so safely.

Thank you and enjoy the summer.





Our next meeting will be held at 7:00 pm, Thursday, October 11th at the restaurant located in the Mountain Motor Inn, Jct PR 321 / Hwy 7, Stony Mountain.

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