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It is amazing how far snowmobiling has come in the South Interlake area.

Spring 2001 – after a few meetings organized by Shannon and Keith Roy, the South Interlake SnoRiders were founded in March. The goal of the club was to establish safe snowmobile trails in the area connecting to the existing trail network at Warren, Inwood and Petersfield, and bring like minded snowmobilers together.

Summer 2001 – two founding members financed the purchase of our first groomer, a White Tractor. In the fall, many hours were spent clearing the trail that lead through the bush to the Interlake Pioneer Trail.
2002 – Rookie Club of the Year.

2004 – upgraded groomer to a 1994 BR400.

2005 – Snowmobile Club of the Year.

2009/2010 – Club decided that we consider upgrading our old BR400 groomer as the engine hours were getting rather high and we didn’t want to get stuck with an expensive engine repair. Two members took the lead and found a newer BR275 down in Vail Colorado that was used in the 2010 X Games. The purchase was evaluated and presented to the Club’s Executive for consideration. A short time thereafter the BR275 was delivered and performs its current duties.

2011/2012 – season was especially tough not only because of the lack of snow but also due to the loss of our warm-up shelter that burnt to the ground on April 12th, 2012 as a result of a campfire that was left unattended in the firepit during a municipality wide fire ban.

2014/2015 – grain silo was donated to the Club and converted into a warm-up shelter by members. Shelter was erected just off the Interlake Pioneer Trail north of Argyle.

2015/2016 – shelter was moved from Interlake Pioneer Trail location to present location (1/2 km east of PR 236/82N) over a dispute with local Municipality. Club purchased a second BR275 groomer from Springhill Pathfinders to assist with trail grooming duties.
Over the years our club rides have taken us to many destinations throughout the province. Portage la Prairie, Powerview/Pinefalls, Brandon, Traverse Bay, Morden, Misty Lake Lodge, Dauphin, Falcon Lake, and Roseau Minnesota to name a few.

The hard work of our dedicated volunteers continues to provide safe snowmobiling to the residents of the South Interlake and beyond.