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Local Conditions

Local trail conditions will no longer be updated manually on this page with the introduction of Snoman’s new interactive provincial trail map.  Please visit Snoman’s provincial trail map page at for local and provincial conditions.


  1. Trails remain CLOSED for the 2019/2020 season.
  2. Riding on a CLOSED trail system is highly discouraged.  If you do so do it with the utmost safety in mind as obstacles are everywhere whether visible or not.


Trail 370 (Hwy 7 – PR 415 – IPT)
Trail 371 (82N – Balmoral – Hwy 7 – Petersfield)
Trail 372 (Stonewall – 82N – IPT)
Trail 373 (Stonewall – Hwy 67 – IPT)
Trail 38 (Hwy 67 – IPT – PR 415)